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Healthcare Leaders Association of Florida is a vital resource for healthcare professionals and medical group executives throughout the state. Through educational programs, mentoring, advocacy and networking, our members attain professional growth and development. Founded in 1974 under a different brand, HLA Florida is proud to continue to serve, support, and connect healthcare leaders and business partners in the state of Florida. We will continue to offer educational opportunities via webinars, conferences, and networking events into the future as HLA Florida. 

The healthcare industry is ever changing and membership with HLA Florida helps keep our members current in this dynamic profession.  Whether you are new to medical practice management or a seasoned veteran, membership with HLA Florida can advance your career and fuel your personal and professional growth.

More than 500 members from across the state rely on HLA Florida to serve as their resource for information, education, exchange of ideas and industry contacts so that they can provide quality  management and leadership to their physicians and staff.  HLA Florida's diverse membership is comprised of administrators, managers, supervisors, faculty, students and other healthcare professionals representing practices of all sizes and specialties.  These practices can range from solo, group and rural practices to university-based practices and multi-specialty clinics.

Free Monthly Member Webinars

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 / 12:00pm CST

Navigating the Growing Crisis: Effective Recruitment and Retention of Healthcare Talent - Jennifer Thompson

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ABOUT THE WEBINAR: With over 60% of healthcare groups struggling to find qualified non-clinical staff (MGMA) and staffing shortages driven by rising demand and lack of skilled talent, the healthcare talent shortage is reaching a breaking point, markedly impacting non-clinical roles.  This session explores integrated frameworks spanning HR, marketing, and operations to recruit and retain talented staff amidst today’s challenges successfully.  

Learning Objectives:

●     Understand how marketing can support targeted outreach and employer branding to attract healthcare talent

●     Learn strategies to promote compensation, culture, and development opportunities through digital channels

●     Discover how cross-functional collaboration conveys an attractive workplace experience to candidates

●     Grasp how to tie recruiting key performance indicators directly to patient satisfaction scores

●     Recognize the importance of professional development programs in boosting retention


2024 HLA Florida
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June 12-14, 2024



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